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Expert Wedding Tips: A Turn in Colors

Posted on January 8th, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Trends 2 Comments

Colorful CakeHere’s what’s hot for 2008 weddings, according to trendsetting designer Joyce Scardina Becker, Wedding Designer of Events of Distinction and author of Countdown To Your Perfect Wedding.

“I approach designing a wedding as if I were designing a home,” says Scardina Becker. “From ceremony to cocktails to reception, each room represents a transition of space, having its own personal identity, but still belonging to a cohesive whole. I work with lots of colors, fabrics, materials and lighting to create a ‘living space’ for the wedding and a fabulous experience for all. Each wedding ‘performance’ should be seamless and magical!”

A Turn in Colors

Complex and exotic describe the delicious and intriguing color trends for weddings:

Embrace nature with clever, extraordinary and unexpected color combinations…be daring…here are some palettes to ponder:

  • Tangerine with Azure Blue and a shot of Espresso
  • Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Celadon Green and a splash of Purple Wine
  • Glossy White, Metallic Grey, Bold Magenta and Sleek Black…very Chanel
  • Dark Cocoa, Seafoam Mint, Metallic Silver on Ivory
  • Blueberry, Raspberry, Lavender, Black and Charcoal Gray
  • Jewel tones mixed with antique metallic for Fall and Winter
  • Reinvent the wheel on Black and White, add a splash of apple green; or if you’ve already seen enough “green” weddings, try citrus yellow instead!
  • Glam it up with embroidered ribbons, broaches, buttons and feathers
  • Replace the single centerpiece with groupings of various heights and shapes of floral vessels
  • Illuminate your night with a professional lighting designer – create style that glows, decorate with eclectic arrangements of lanterns inside and out.

You can order Joyce’s book Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding, published by St. Martin’s Press, on or

Thanks for the tips, Joyce!

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Comments (2)

  1. 1Melissa

    I love this cake! I love the colors and the design is gorgeous. But anyway on to the color idea, I completely agree that the vibrant different color schemes are the way to go. The lighter lavender colors are out, unless you match it with a vibrant color. Our colors were dark purple and bright yellow, they looked gorgeous together!

  2. 2Courtney

    Lol! This cake kind of reminds me of the Mad Hatter for some reason. His hats were always colorful and lopsided; maybe that’s why. I really like it though. I sometimes watch the Food Network and they have incredible competitions in designing cakes. I would have loved to have had one of their creations!

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