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2008 Wedding Trends from Preston Bailey

Posted on January 28th, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Trends 5 Comments

Preston BaileyPreston Bailey, Internationally Celebrated Event Designer and Wedding Planner, offers us great information about wedding trends for 2008.

After 27 years in business, Preston Bailey has become especially renowned for his ability to completely transform raw, ordinary spaces into sumptuous, theatrical environments, translating his clients’ fantasies into awe-inspiring reality. Preston’s one-of-a-kind events, which include the most extravagant weddings and galas for Royal families across the globe, have earned him a reputation as the world’s preeminent event designer.

He has attracted such clients as Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Uma Thurman, Joan Rivers, Donna Karan, Liza Minnelli, Matt Lauer, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Laurence Fishburne, Emmitt Smith, and Bill Cosby. Learn more about Preston at

Here are the trends, straight from Preston!

More relaxed! I am thinking a lot more couples are going to be doing cocktail parties and less formal affairs.

More and more I am seeing the trend of couples hiring celebrity vocalist at their weddings, we have had Stevie Wonder and Patti LaBelle just to name a few. Music is becoming a bigger part of the reception couples who cant afford to hire a celebrity singer or having their local bands/singer perform at the wedding instead of a DJ.

Caribbean Sunset TablescapeFlowers
Classic flowers are making a comeback, which I love. Gardenias, orchids, and stephandois are very much in trend for 2008.

I think people are going to veer away from a signature cocktail and go more with a fresh juice bar where each guest can customize their own drink with the help of a bartender.

As with flowers, I really see the more classic shapes and colors returning. Rather than bright contrasting colors and unconventional shapes, I see brides returning to the tiered shape with colors that compliment the décor.

Destination, destination, destination! I just see this trend getting bigger and bigger. I love these events because everyone from the mother of the bride to groom’s childhood best friend really relaxes and focuses on the spirit of the wedding.

I really like that people are being a bit more playful with the look of their invites. I also love that more and more couples are creating wedding website with all the logistical information. Not only does this cut down on paper in the envelope and make your wedding little bit greener, it lets the design of the invite shine which sets a tone for the whole event.

Along with celebrity performers, couples are taking it upon themselves to entertain their guests. In the past couple of months, I have seen some really wild first dances, I am sure you have all seen the phenomenal “Sir-Mix-a-Lot” dance on YouTube, which really sets to the for the party. At an event we did, the couple hired look-a-like professional dancers and dressed them in the couple’s wedding outfits. They went out the dance floor for the first dance, and blew the guests away with a tango. They quickly exited the dance floor, and in walked the real couple!

As you know, I love themes. I think it is such a great way to unify the event from the invite to the favors. Next year, I see couples letting the location inspire the design of the event and really letting nature do most of the work.

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Comments (5)

  1. 1Jaime

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your wedding blog, and now I look forward to checking out your store too!

    You “truly” do provide wonderful information to brides, and I love the format…it’s simple to read and filled with “truly” great ideas!!!

    I’ve added you as a link under wedding inspiration on my blogroll…and look forward to telling all my friends who are getting married about you! Have a great day, and keep up the great posts!

    -Jaime @ “It’s A Jaime Thing”

  2. 2Tamika Randolph

    I am one of your biggest fans. I love your work. You are awesome. My grandmother does floral arrangements for 30years, I love doing silk floral arrangments. I just started getting into the business in the past few months. I am still in school and I work full time and I am a full-time mom and wife. But I wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration. Everytime I need inspiration, I go to your website and read your biography. There is NOONE like you. Noone can touch what you do. I can look in a bridal magazine or on inside weddings and I can tell your work as soon as I see it. You are a genius. That is your gift. You and my grandmother are my inspiration. I just wanted to tell you that what you do is not in vain. Someone will remember you. When I do my work I put 100% in everything. I love your work. I love your spirit. I love that you are a strong person and you are confident. Thank you for being the inspiration to what I do. Thank you so very much. I pray one day I can be even 50% as awesome as you. I love your work. May God forever bless you and your business. I pray that you continue to get the praise that you deserve.!!!Not just the money, I am sure that is fine. But the recognition you deserve. Because I will tell anyone who tries to prove otherwise. THERE IS NOONE THAT CAN DO WHAT PRESTON BAILEY DOES OR HAS DONE!

  3. 3Eric

    Thank you so much Jaime! I like your site too and we’ve added you to the blogroll – your blogs kick ass. :)

  4. 4Eric

    YOU GO PRESTON – inspiring people is cool. I’m amazed at these flowers…

  5. 5ritta el chaar

    Dear Sir.i am a lebanese canadian living in lebanon since 2000.i am a wedding planner and interior designer.i had alot of weddings all over the i am opening a branch in Kuwait and wondering if you will be intrested of working as team .please let me know .
    best regards

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