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Say ‘I Love You’ The Binary Way

Posted on January 2nd, 2008 by Courtney in Wedding Rings 2 Comments

Binary Wedding BandI don’t care what generation you grew up in, secret codes and hidden messages always were the coolest thing. Remember the first time you heard of invisible ink? Well get ready for another shocker: you can now inscribe a secret code…on your wedding band!

Ok, so maybe this greenKarat band looks like its best suited for men, but women could probably wear them too. At a pricey $950 to $1750, though, you might want to spring for one and then wait awhile.

Even though these rings are a little extravagant in price, their cool factors almost make the extra expense worth it. Inscribed on each ring is a special message (up to 20 characters) written in binary code! So not only do you get to let your sweetie know how much you care on the outside of the ring, it will be your own little secret (assuming all your friends aren’t computer geeks)!

Additionally, each ring is hand carved with the special message and is made from recycled gold or recycled platinum. It’s an expensive way to go green, but if you’re going to make the change, why not do it in style, right?

(Note: I would like to say that we reference ‘computer geeks’ in the best way possible. If you understand binary code without checking out the greenKarat website, then you are considered a computer geek and are thereby considered wicked awesome.)

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Comments (2)

  1. 1Melissa

    This is pretty cool! Yes computer geeks are great, I married one and he is definitely “wicked awesome” hehe :)

  2. 2griffy

    i don’t know what binary code is but I like this simple cool looking ring

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