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Mens Wedding Rings – Gold, Titanium, Platinum, oh my!

Posted on November 5th, 2007 by Courtney in Wedding Rings 7 Comments

Mens Wedding RingWhen I went ring shopping with my then-fiancé, I had no idea what I was looking for in an engagement ring, let alone the band! Just think about all the different shapes of diamond you can choose, and then all you’ve decided on is the cut! What about clarity, carat, color, and cost?

I kept thinking how easy my husband-to-be had it: how hard could it be to pick between a band that was gold and one that was silver?

As it turns out though, guys have a lot of things to consider when it comes to picking out that little metal circle forever to be worn on their ring finger. Not only do they have to find a ring style they like, but they also have to consider the weight and comfort of their new ring. Let’s face it: guys aren’t typically as careful with jewelry as girls are.

So where should you begin? Your best bet is to think about what metal you want your ring to be made from. Men’s choices may seem limited, but there’s actually a huge difference in the four men’s wedding band metals:

Gold: Gold is actually the most common choice for men’s wedding bands, partially because there are so many particulars that can make a gold band unique. Grooms can choose between white, yellow, and rose gold, but even bronze, peach, red and lime gold are sometimes available, though much less common.

Also, carat weight plays a role in different gold rings: your options are 9ct. 14ct. or 18ct. regardless of the ring’s color. In general, gold rings are the heaviest of all metal options, and they can also be relatively expensive, especially if you choose to go with 18ct. over 9 or 14ct.

One particular benefit of selecting a gold ring is that you’ll probably be able to resize it if you need to. This is one thing that might be impossibility if you go with a different metal option.

Titanium: Titanium rings are also extremely popular, mostly because they are light, stylish, and less expensive than any other metal option. You can usually find titanium rings for around a hundred dollars, though you’re not sacrificing any quality.

In fact, titanium rings are much stronger than other metals: they are more dent, bend, and scratch resistant than gold, silver, or platinum. On the downside, being such a strong metal means you won’t be able to resize it. Ever. So make sure you have the size exactly right before putting in an order!

Platinum: When someone says their ring is platinum, two things come to mind: quality and price. Platinum is definitely the highest quality metal you can choose, but along with that high quality comes a high price: it will cost about twice the price of a similar-styled gold band.

Platinum bands will certainly make a statement, though, as they well should. Platinum metal is produced in almost its pure form—about 95%, and has a very white appearance so it doesn’t need to be plated like white gold does. However, the high percentage of purity has a catch: it makes a platinum band considerably heavier than both gold and titanium bands.

Tungsten: Tungsten is the newest addition to the metal choices, so a lot of grooms don’t even realize they have this fourth option. It isn’t a very precious metal, but the cost is in the same range as other metals because of the work it takes to make a tungsten ring.

Tungsten is very durable and won’t wear nearly as fast as a gold ring would, but it is also more difficult to design because it is so hard. Typically, your groom will end up with a very strong, scratch-resistant, but simpler ring if he chooses tungsten for his wedding band.

Other things to consider are if your husband-to-be would prefer a two-tone ring, and what finish he would like. Metals can be brushed to have a more dull or matte finish, which adds just a little bit of style.

Also, does he want one or more diamonds on his ring? Some men think of gemstones in their wedding band as too feminine, but others really like the added flair. If you’re trying to surprise your fiancé by giving his wedding band on the big day, make sure you know which attitude he’ll take before committing to a stone.

A lot (okay, okay: almost all) of the wedding plans will probably end up falling on the bride in the end. The groom’s wedding band, however, is one detail he’ll want to have at least some say in though. So if he can’t seem to make up his mind on anything, make sure you give him a break on the his wedding band. With all the options out there for something that he’ll be wearing forever, it’s no wonder the choice is a hard one! He’ll make the right choice eventually: after all, he did choose you for his bride, right?

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Comments (7)

  1. 1Melissa

    Eric chose a Tungsten ring and I love it! It is very, VERY shiny, at times, even more than mine! It is really durable and he always keeps it on because it NEVER scratches, like EVER. So that’s always a good thing, he can never have an excuse for taking it off! HA :)~

  2. 2Eric

    Yeah, I chose Tungsten because I didn’t want to have to take it off, ever. I lift weights a lot and my biggest concern was bending/scratching it, or alternatively taking it off every day and risk losing it altogether. Mens rings have the option of being practical now, which is fantastic!

  3. 3Travis

    I’ve always known that tungsten was scratch resistant. But, after watching some videos on the site, I was surprised to see that tungsten is all but indestructible! There’s a video of a guy whaling on a tungsten ring with a hammer, and attempting to cut it with a jig-saw blade. After all that, not a single scratch! You’ve gotta see it to believe it.

  4. 4Justin

    Fabulous wedding bands….!

  5. 5Nadia

    I got my husband a Platinum one for him because I know how much trouble he was having finding me the perfect ring— the platinum one is greattt and the quality realllllllly shines through..

    Not sure if its WORTH the price considering they are highly pricey but he is really happy with it and I love the design. Also about it being heavy… sometimes, it being heavy ads quality to the ring and masculinity in a way soo I think the weight is not a real issue.

    If you get white gold, after 8 months you will have to dip it to get the white gold shine over the gold that is coming from the sweat of the finger or natural changes so keep that in mind too!

  6. 6Joseph

    I went with a Tungsten Carbide Ring because it is scratch resistant and never needs to be polished. I got it from as they had the style I liked at the best price, and they looked pretty reputable. I originally had a titanium ring, but it got all scratched up on my honeymoon because of the sand in Tahiti. Titanium rings are very light weight, but it is this light weight that makes them vulnerable to getting microscratches, which severly damage the shine and luster of the ring.

  7. 7Fashon Blog

    Nowadays men have difficulty in choosing wedding rings.There is a vast variety of men’s wedding rings .
    Mostly men prefer scratch resistant rings.These rings are comfortable and allow to do homework without fearing that it may be damaged.

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