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Top 5 “Green” Wedding Tips

Posted on January 17th, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Green Weddings, Wedding Planning 5 Comments

Sunflower With Wedding Rings

As we are all concerned for the environment, one of the biggest trends in wedding planning today is having a “green” wedding. Bridal Guide magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Diane Forden offers us these fabulous green wedding tips.

1. Save a tree, cordially
Start with your invitations. Find a stationer who offers uncoated, recycled or recyclable paper. Many stores sell beautiful papers made from cotton fibers (recovered from garment factories) or 100% recycled handmade cards embedded with flower seeds.

2. Eat, drink and be merry
Serve guests an organic feast of foods produced without chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or pesticides, and top it off with organic drinks. During cocktail hour, for example, try Square One vodka and Juniper Green gin, both fermented without additives.

3. Let your wedding bloom
Brides and their florists should choose eco-certified flowers. Organic blooms are often requested by season, such as tulips for spring weddings and sunflowers for nuptials in autumn.

4. Give a little back
Provide your guests with party favors they will enjoy and can reuse. Consider fair-trade tea, coffee or chocolates, tree seeds or saplings or re-usable totes. Natural soaps and body lotions are also a favorite.

Charitable registries are also a great way to give back. Companies like Target and JCPenney will donate a percentage of each gift purchased off the couple’s registry to a charity of their choice. Or forego gifts all together and suggest that guests contribute money directly to a good cause. Sites like the provide great charitable wedding ideas and resources.

5. Getaway in green
Going green doesn’t need to end with the wedding day. You can be eco-conscious on your honeymoon by choosing a hotel dedicated to preserving and enhancing its environment. Green hotels, for example, use low wattage bulbs, soap dispensers instead of bars and only change towels and sheets daily if the guest so requests it.

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  1. 1Karen

    Some great ideas here for a green wedding. The only observation that I would make is that it’s good to source local flowers. If you can’t afford organic at least you are cutting down on your flower miles which is beneficial to the environment.

    Karen, Wiggly Wigglers

  2. 2Top 5 “Green” Wedding Tips

    […] Original post by Kori Ellis […]

  3. 3Wedding Planning

    These are the tips for wedding but before going in to those stages planning for wedding is an important thing to go ahead so that these tips will work on the wedding day

  4. 4Melissa

    Some more wonderful *green* ideas, great job Kori, keep up the awesome work!

  5. 5Green Wedding Tips

    These are a great start to going green at your wedding. Thanks for posting!

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