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Planning Your Wedding: Say “I Do” When You Want To

Posted on November 13th, 2007 by Courtney in Wedding Planning 3 Comments

550929_diary_page.jpgHaving trouble finding a venue for the wedding date you’re looking for? What about a photographer? Even if it seems like the odds are against you, there are many things you can do to make sure you get married when, where, and how you want to.

One very often overlooked way of securing all of your preferred wedding options is to consider switching your “I do” date to the middle of the week. It’s something I certainly didn’t think of, trying to accommodate everyone me and my then-fiancé wanted to invite. But as a bride it’s all about you, right? So anyone you invite that really wants to take part in your big day can probably find a way to take a day or two off for the event. At least, I’d hope they could!

Apparently, mid-week weddings are becoming more and more common. According to a recent article, many (if not most) venues are actually less expensive, not to mention more likely to be available, for a bride that’s willing to consider a Wednesday or Thursday wedding.

Also, think about all the other parts that make up a wedding: your DJ or band, the cake, catering, and even your preferred reception location. All the vendors you’re looking into for your big day are going to be hard to organize. If you’re not willing to budge on the vendors you want, you could be planning your wedding for a very, VERY long time just to coordinate your preferred DJ with the perfect cake!

Many vendors will even give discounts for midweek scheduling. If they don’t offer a lower price up front, it’s always worth asking about. Most vendors are glad to have extra business on a day of the week they wouldn’t normally have any.

So, if it works for you, maybe less stress alone will make it worthwhile to have your wedding Thursday evening instead of Saturday morning. And, hey, if timing isn’t everything, maybe the discounts you can get will make it a considerable option!

Either way, it’s your wedding day, so make it work for you!

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Comments (3)

  1. 1Melissa

    Wow, I never thought of a mid week wedding, I think most people think Saturday so they have time to recoup from the drinking!

  2. 2Vivevtvivas

    My cousin had her wedding on a Friday night which I found a little weird, but it worked.

    I’m not sure about the middle of the week thing though. Seems like too much to ask of the guests.

  3. 3Courtney

    I always thought a mid-week wedding would be super stressful for guests too. I actually had mine on the typical Saturday, so I guess you could tell me to practice what you preach :)

    But I thought this was a good solution if you’re looking to get married in a year and and it seems like everything is booked already. Plus, in the original article, the girl talked about how she got married on a Thursday night, which is still kind of the middle of the week, but hopefully guests would have not so hard of a time with that compared to say…Tuesday?

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