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Get Creative with your Wedding Guest Book

Posted on December 6th, 2007 by Courtney in Wedding Planning, Wedding Vendors 5 Comments

Wish and Prayer boxYou’re always going to want to remember your wedding day. Well, hopefully anyway. And while pictures and videos are great, they certainly aren’t all-encompassing.

As silly as it may seem at the time to have all your guests sign their names to your guestbook, you’ll be glad to look back and remember all the people that were there to share your special day with you. Pictures are great, but there’s no way to be sure you’ll capture every guest who attends your event, especially with everyone so into getting pictures of you.

Guest books are the traditional method for guests to sign good wishes to the bride and groom. And just like no wedding album would be complete without photos, no wedding guestbook would be complete without words.

But just like everything wedding these days, wedding guest books are very often given a modern twist, so just for you, we’ve found out the most creative ways to have your guests sign in at your wedding. Check out the following ideas to turn this time-honored tradition into something that suits your contemporary style:

Combine your efforts: I’m a big fan of Adesso Albums because they allow you to fit your pictures and guest signatures all in one book! This is a convenient, classy solution if you want to keep everything together.

Make it all about you: Have a picture printed of you and your husband-to-be. Choose an overly large frame and matte the photo to fit the frame; then, have guests sign all around your picture. This will become a unique memento of your big day, and will always remind you of those who care about you.

Think inside the box: One of the most modern ideas I’ve seen is called the Wish and Prayer box. This contemporary take is a keepsake that allows guests to write a wish for your and your new husband on a blank card and drop it in the box. At the end of your reception, you’ll have a whole box full of memories!

Go practical: If you don’t want your guestbook to sit in a closet for years to come, you still have a few options. Many couples today are getting creative by having their guests sign platters, or even vases, so they can be reminded often of how much they are loved.


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  1. 1Melissa

    I loved how we marked down the guests at our wedding. Eric and I both had a picture of us on a horse as a kid with a red hat too…very weird I know. But with computer tricks Eric was able to cut these pictures out and mold them into one picture, like we were both sitting on the same horse at the same time! It was so adorable, and we blew it up and put it in matted frame and hung a sharpie off the side and everyone signed their name around the picture. We now have it hanging on the wall in our house, it’s too cute!

  2. 2griffy

    the wish and prayer box is beautiful and unique – I love it!

  3. 3reryqueueft

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