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Posted on December 30th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Planning 1 Comment

Bridal ExpoIf you are getting married in 2008, it’s a fun idea to go to a bridal show. At bridal shows, you will be able to see all the hottest trends in weddings, meet with vendors, and oftentimes take home some free stuff.

Last year I went to a bridal expo (yes, I know I’m already married – I went just for fun) and they had a huge “cake dig” for prizes.

The brides-to-be rolled up their sleeves and dug through gigantic cakes looking for prizes and money. There were diamond engagement rings, coupons for free honeymoon travel and other very expensive prizes hidden in cake.

The ladies got messy, but they found their prizes!

Keep an eye out for bridal shows in your area and surrounding communities.

Here are some places on the web that list upcoming bridal shows.

Do you know of any other bridal show directories?

If so, leave your comments here and let us know!

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  1. 1Melissa

    Bridal shows are fun and a great way to learn about all the different things you could include in your wedding. Eric and I went to one before our wedding and found a lot of interesting things that could be included, we also found a lot of vendors offering some good package deals if you mentioned you saw them at the bridal show. It’s a cool thing to do and it gets you in the wedding mood!

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