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Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Posted on November 6th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Makeup 2 Comments

Beautiful Bridal MakeupYour wedding photos will last a lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to look picture perfect on your wedding day.

A big part of your wedding day look is your makeup. By following these makeup tips, you will look beautiful throughout your wedding ceremony and reception from the morning until well into the night.

Use a Pro – If it’s financially conceivable, use a professional makeup artist. Choose a makeup pro that specializes in bridal makeup. Set up a consultation well in advance of your wedding and bring photos or magazines to show the makeup artist what looks interest you. It’s a good idea to wear your hair to the consultation as you’ll be wearing it on your wedding day. Bring swatches of fabric from your wedding gown to help match your makeup colors perfectly.

Keep It Simple – For wedding day makeup, simplicity is the key. Don’t wear heavy eyeliner, which tends to make your eyes look smaller in pictures. Avoid shimmer shadows, as they show up too light in photos. If you choose to wear false eyelashes, use half strips rather than full lashes, which will look overdone. If your wedding is in the evening, consider a slightly smoky eye, which looks beautiful and a bit dramatic. Wear true red lipsticks or those with blue undertones. Brick red, orange-red or brown-red lipsticks tend to make your teeth look yellow in photographs.

Don’t Forget – Wear waterproof mascara – everyone cries at weddings. Have an emergency makeup kit containing mini versions of your wedding day makeup products, in case you need to touch-up your makeup right before the ceremony or at the reception. Get a facial at least two weeks before your wedding day. The redness and irritation caused by some facial treatments will have plenty of time to subside. Avoid the sun in the weeks leading up to your wedding date as you don’t want a sunburn or dry skin on your wedding day. If you need a little color, you can use bronzing powder or slightly darker foundation.

Makeup artist Amy B gives a fabulous wedding day makeup tutorial in this video. Watch it to learn about all kinds of wedding day makeup tips and tricks.

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Comments (2)

  1. 1Melissa

    If you can’t afford a professional, always choose the next best option..for me it was my mom :) She taught me how to do my makeup when I was a teenager and she was awesome at it! I let her take over and she made me look very natural, just the way I wanted it. She complained about my eyelashes being too long, but other than that it was great. I hope my daughter will let me do her makeup for her wedding, I would really enjoy that.

  2. 2Courtney

    I wish I had a professional for my makeup! All the pampering just makes your wedding day that much more perfect. As it was though, I ended up doing my own makeup, and I was really happy with how it turned out. If you don’t have a professional or someone you really trust to do your makeup for you, I would say just make sure you practice practice practice so you’ll totally have the look you want down!

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