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Skin Care Tips for Preparing for Your Wedding

Posted on January 18th, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Makeup, Wedding Planning 1 Comment

Beautiful BrideHere at Truly, we are lucky enough to be able to consult with wedding and beauty experts to provide you with fabulous advice, tips and trends for planning for your wedding.

Victoria Nash, President of the newly launched skincare line Esentè was kind enough to offer tips on how to prepare your skin for the “Big Day.”

The trends emerging seems to be that pretty, soft, slightly glamorous and fresh look. A little more makeup than normal so you don’t get washed out in the photos, but always “pretty and soft”. The hair is one place that women want to change it up a bit. They seem to be more willing to experiment and do something that flatters their dress and veil.

Start thinking about your skin months in advance of your wedding. Victoria provides these prep steps to beautiful skin for brides.

This is a good time to curb your sugar,alcohol, and salt intake. Sugar can make your skin dull, wrinkled and saggy. The sugar molecules attach themselves to the collagen fibers causing them to become stiff and inflexible leading to wrinkles and facial sag. Alcohol in excess effects the blood flow to the skin and can cause a red and blotchy complexion.
Salt as we all know can make us retain water and cause puffy eyes as well as a bloated look.

Purge your sin of acne flare-ups rather than suppress them. No one wants acne to show up on your big day. It is good to use products that purge rather than suppress your acne. Try to start using the products two or three months ahead of time. Esente’ has a great acne kit that helps to do just that.

Exfoliate you skin. It’s a good idea to either do some at home exfoliation or perhaps do a few microdermabrasion treatments in the months leading up to your big day. Exfoliation will help to purge your skin of comedones (blackheads) minimize your pores ,and help to retexture your skin.

Don’t try to get that tan! Healthy skin is in. All brides look better with the beauty of their own natural skin tones. The effects of the sun and tanning beds will age you quickly. Tanning beds even more so as the rays penetrate deeper into the dermis aging our skin up to 40 times faster than if we don’t use them. Remember we want to look beautiful for our anniversaries as well as our wedding day.

For Victoria Nash, the creation of esenté Physioceuticals culminates a lifelong passion for advanced aesthetics and health. Her formal education includes Phoenix Medical and Kar-Ché Professional Career Center, where she received her license for facials and skin analysis. In addition, Victoria has received comprehensive training in Silhouet-Tone equipment for dermabrasion, cellulite treatment, and microcurrent and light therapies. To learn more about her Esentè skin care line, visit

Photo credit: Andrew Shoshev

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  1. 1Melissa

    Yes, no tans!! Just don’t go in the sun..period. LoL, I remember that the weekend before our wedding we went out somewhere in the sun and I wore a t-shirt, I got a complete farmers tan and I had a halter dress! Luckily we covered it up somewhat with concealer haha, but it’s a real bummer for sure!

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