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Expert Tips: Bridal Hairstyles

Posted on November 12th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Makeup 3 Comments

Bridal HairstyleIf you are debating whether you should wear your hair up or down, tight or loose on your wedding day, maybe you could use an expert opinion.

World-renowned stylist and salon owner Tony Promiscuo of Godiva Salon in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta frequently works with brides and bridal parties. Tony was named the Paul Mitchell International Educator of the Year. Therefore, he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to topics associated with hair.

Here he offers us some tips concerning bridal hairstyles this season.

“The trend in bridal hairstyles this season is hair being worn down more than up. The fringe (bang area) is being worn swept across the forehead creating an almost retro 60’s feeling. A loose draping of hair is very popular.

There is still a lot of interest in the soft loopy waves that we have seen for the last couple of seasons. If you do choose to wear your hair down the finish must be perfect. The more hair you see, the more impact it will have on the overall wedding day image.

Dress style also influences your decision of wearing your hair up or down. If you are wearing a dress with a large full shape at the bottom a smaller hairstyle might be considered. With it pulled back at the very least and possible into a classic chignon.

A tighter smaller shape dress lends itself to a fuller hairstyle. If your dress is strapless hair down on the shoulders is a nice look, even if it requires extensions to make it happen.

The important thing to remember is that your wedding pictures will be with you forever. In twenty years do you want them to capture a moment in time? If so, consider the current trends. If you want your pictures to have a more timeless appearance consider something more classic.”

If you are in the Atlanta area, contact Godiva Salon to make an appointment for all your hair styling services. Godiva clients are given the ideal hair cut and color based on their facial shape, bone structure, hair type and lifestyle. The Godiva stylists also take the time to educate each client on how to reproduce the style at home.

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Comments (3)

  1. 1Kori Ellis

    I wore my hair up for my wedding, but that was five years ago. Every wedding that I’ve attended recently, the bride has worn their hair down. I like the look of the loose curls worn down – like Eva Longoria wore her hair for her wedding.

  2. 2Eric

    Melissa wore her hair down, which I thought looked fantastic :)

  3. 3Melissa

    Yes, I had really long hair, pretty close to my butt, in very long loose curls. It was definitely a pain in the butt though, it took like 4 hours! I was almost late to walking down the aisle lol – But it was gorgeous, any only lasted like 2 hours, by the end of the night my hair is so heavy that all the curls were mostly gone.

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