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Destination Weddings: Las Mananitas Hotel

Posted on October 1st, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Locations Comments Off on Destination Weddings: Las Mananitas Hotel

Las Mananitas Hotel is located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Cuernavaca, also known as the city of eternal spring, has the perfect climate for a destination wedding almost all year round. It has a beautiful reception hall as well as covered terrace space that is surround by gorgeous gardens, fountains and wildlife.

Las Mananitas HotelFor your wedding, they offer personalized service from their event coordinator, support staff on your wedding day, valet parking, catering and much more. Your guests will adore the hotel and the surrounding locations.

Visitors to Las Mananitas can take tours to a variety of attractions in Cuernavaca. The Cortes Palace, once the home of Hernan Cortes, is now the location of the Cuauhnahuac Regional Museum. It was built in 1533 on an Aztec temple. Guests should also visit the grand cathedral in Cuernavaca. Built in 1526 by the request of the Franciscan Monks, it was referred to as the Franciscan Convent of the Assumption. Other attractions in Cuernavaca include the Brady Museum, the Muros Museum, the Borda Gardens, Tepoztlan Market, Xochicalco Fortress and Taxco.

The hotel has 25 elegant suites, all decorated in the traditional style of colonial Mexico. Las Mananitas Hotel also has a full spa. The restaurant at Las Mananitas Hotel has a delightful menu of classic Mexican dishes. The dining room is encompassed in a large garden with sculptures and tropical birds. To learn more about Las Mananitas, visit

Follow these tips for planning a destination wedding to make your wedding day just perfect.

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