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Buy Your Own Wedding Gazebo!

Posted on January 11th, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Locations 1 Comment

Vixen Hill GazeboIn recent years, more and more couples are planning outdoor weddings. In addition to indoor/outdoor reception facilities, other beautiful outdoor wedding locations can include beaches, parks, lakes, golf courses and even wineries.

A great idea to enhance your outdoor wedding is to buy a do-it-yourself gazebo. You can get married under the gazebo. Then after the ceremony, put it in your backyard and enjoy it for many years to come.

Vixen Hill, a leading manufacturer of modular Western Red Cedar structures, offers a full line of gazebo and pavilion designs starting at under $4,000. These gazebos are perfect for outdoor weddings. Each model is designed for easy assembly, often within a single day, with or without the assistance of a contractor. After your wedding, you can use the gazebo in your own yard. Therefore, unlike other wedding costs, you will get use out of your purchase long after your wedding day.

“When you include a gazebo in the wedding plans you are including a monument to the occasion that can be enjoyed long after the tents are gone,” said Christopher Peeples, Vixen Hill founder and owner. “With our larger gazebos and pavilions there’s an opportunity to eliminate tent rental entirely.”

I love gazebos. I think they look so romantic, and they are perfect for lounging and sipping tea on a warm day. I would love to put one in my own backyard.

The design team at Vixen Hill can consult with customers to produce the perfect fit for their special needs and environment. All modular gazebos are pre-fabricated of the finest kiln-dried Western Red Cedar, and are available with or without wooden floorsystems and concealed electrical wiring. By combining gazeboes or pavilions in multiple layouts for your wedding, there’s virtually no limit to the square footage that can be created.

You can go online to their “Do-It-Yourself” studio to design, build and order custom units for assembly with or without the help of a contractor. To contact Vixen Hill for design assistance, learning more about their products or to request a catalog, call (800) 423-2766 or visit

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  1. 1Melissa

    Ooooo I love gazebos too! And you could definitely decorate with tons of flowers and twinkle lights too, if you were to do a ceremony in the later evening. It could be really beautiful, great idea!

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