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Couple Married On All Hallow’s Eve

Posted on November 3rd, 2007 by Courtney in Wedding Holidays No Comments

Married By Pumpkin Light?Could you imagine sharing your anniversary with a holiday? I personally am not very good at sharing, but I’d at least consider getting married in the midst of Christmas trees, or on the ever-so-popular Valentines Day—it is the day of love after all.

I’d never even consider Halloween, though. Think about it: celebrating your love on the scariest night of the year? Seems more like a trick than a treat to me.

Well, even though it wouldn’t appeal to many, a Halloween wedding was exactly what George and Jennifer Cabisca were looking for. We’re not just talking the wedding date either; the Cabisca wedding was a full-fledged Halloween event!

To set the mood, the happy couple decided on the Willow Dale Cemetery in Bradford, Pennsylvania as their venue, and their more than 40 guests arrived dressed as corpses, vampires, skeletons, and even a Phantom of the Opera. The Cabiscas were looking to keep their wedding spooky by ending the candle-lit ceremony at exactly “66 minutes after 6.” The couple got what they wanted, reportedly saying they felt the presence of “the dead and undead” alike. Spooky.

All in all, I guess it doesn’t really matter what date you set, as long as it gets the job done. And on the up side, everyone who attended the wedding was already dressed for a fabulous Halloween after party!

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