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Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Posted on November 15th, 2007 by Amber in Wedding Flowers, Wedding Planning No Comments

Your mother wants lilacs. Your fiance’s mother wants calla lilies. Aunt Rose wants, well, obviously. You and your fiancé want to be able to afford a honeymoon. First thing to do (well, second, after scanning your neighbors’ gardens for easily pilfered plants) is tell your family that, unless they’re prepared to foot the bill, it’s time to step away from the potting soil. They’ll probably understand. If they don’t, promise whatever will make them shut their opinionated pie holes, and go on strewing the church pews with Venus Flytraps. If your family makes a fuss on the big day, tell them it’s the florist’s fault. If the florist is in attendance, offer her a bottle of tequila from behind the bar and tell her to start running.

One way to score blooms without ruinous credit card bills is to hit a nursery. You can often get small plastic pots of daisies, mini roses or greenery for a few dollars each. Pop them into bargain pottery or swathe the pots in fabric and voila! Centerpieces. If that feels too …unadorned, feel free to pick up an issue of Martha Stewart Living. Just don’t let Martha make you question your worth as an oxygen-consuming human if you don’t harvest your own flowers from wee organic seedlings.

Don’t be afraid to recruit creative siblings or friends. Give them a budget and send them to the farmer’s market for scads of stems and let them arrange until their fingers turn green. Instruct them not to use the word “wedding” as anything associated with the W-word will automatically triple the price. And don’t let baby cousin Kim and her goth aesthetic anywhere near your flowers, no matter how artistic her soul. You don’t want to walk down an aisle where all the flowers are drooping under black spray paint.

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