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New York City’s First Organic Florist

Posted on February 21st, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Flowers 2 Comments

Everybody’s going green! I’m surprised there wasn’t already an organic florist open in NYC, but last month Gardenia Organic became the first. Gardenia Organic LLC is the first environmentally and socially conscious florist in New York.

Gardenia Organic sells individual flowers, pre-made hand tied bouquets and custom floral arrangements made only with flowers that have been produced using environmentally and socially responsible practices. All of their flowers are either USDA Organic or VeriFlora certified, whether they are grown in the US or overseas. VeriFlora is a certification program that ensures flowers have been grown using sustainable farming methods and fair labor practices.

White Gardenia

Hannah Ling, the store’s owner, is making it her mission not only to highlight the issues within the floral industry, but also to prove that ‘green’ does not necessarily have to be more expensive.

“As consumers, we shouldn’t have to pay more to make conscious choices when making a purchase. Being environmentally and socially responsible needs to be a way of a life or it’s just not sustainable. Choosing to buy green should not be inconvenient or more expensive”, says Hannah. She also points out that organic flowers smell better and last longer.

Few people are aware that conventionally grown flowers are laden with unseen dangers. Eighty percent (80%) of the flowers sold in the US are imported from South America, where they use over 25 pesticides that have been outlawed in the US due to their carcinogenic nature. Coupled with child labor and poor working conditions for the farmers, there’s good reason to start buying organic and VeriFlora flowers.

And that’s not the only way this florist is doing her bit for the environment. The vases are made from recycled glass, the tissue paper and shopping bags are recycled and she even composts all flower waste. Ultra eco-friendly rickshaw bikes deliver flowers to anywhere in Manhattan.

Gardenia Organic also sells Fair Trade and/or environmentally friendly gifts and greeting cards for all occasions such as bamboo salad bowls, organic cotton baby clothes, hemp dog toys, candles, jewelry, body lotions and books.

Hannah moved to the US from England nine years ago. She comments that “You can buy fair trade all over London so I was surprised that so few people in New York even know what it means.”

To learn more about the organic flower concept, visit their website at Gardenia Organic is located at 526 Hudson Street and can be reached at (646) 688-5753.

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    Wow, there must be business opportunities all over town for Green Londoners

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    Its really good effort .It can really make a difference .

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