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Basic Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

Posted on December 19th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Favors, Wedding Planning 1 Comment

Simple Wedding CenterpieceWhen you are planning your wedding, you might be overwhelmed by all the information available on the Internet and in wedding books on how to cut costs. There are probably a thousand ways you can trim your wedding costs. Don’t freak out and try to do it all. Just keep it simple.

Here are some basic ways to cut costs:

Schedule your wedding on a weekday. Vendors oftentimes charge more than double for their services on a weekend evening than they do during the week. If you are really against a weekday weekend, an afternoon wedding on the weekend will also be cheaper than a weekend night.

Make your own centerpieces. Centerpieces can be simple yet beautiful. You can save money by saving your own. They don’t have to be floral centerpieces either. You can use picture frames, mirrors, candles or even a bowl of fruit as a centerpiece.

Have cupcakes instead of cake. Enlist a friend or family member to bake cupcakes and then arrange them in the shape a cake. You should still have a small cake on the side to cut during the cake cutting ceremony.

Cut down your guest list. Gasp! I know it sounds horrible but you don’t really need to invite your third cousin’s boyfriend, or a friend of a friend of the family.

Have a sponsored wedding. A sponsored wedding is one where much of the wedding costs are offset by allowing a particular business (or businesses) to advertise in some manner during the wedding ceremony or reception.

Buy affordable wedding favors. I would never suggest you skip favors all together. After all, they are a small way to thank your guests. However, you can make or buy cheap favors. One of the most affordable favors is to buy mints, candy hearts, Hershey’s Kisses or Jordan almonds and then package them in wedding favor boxes, bags or tins. At Truly Wedding Favors, you can even find some favors for under $1.

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  1. 1Melissa

    Also, another way is to search for the deals! I took about 2 weeks just looking for a photographer. After gasping at how expensive they were, I knew I could find SOMEONE cheaper than the norm. After e-mailing about 50-75 photographers and waiting it out, I finally found one that fit our budget perfectly and the pictures of our wedding are absolutely amazing. So a big tip is to search search search and don’t give in for something that is too expensive just because you haven’t found anything cheaper!

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