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Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Posted on November 25th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Cakes 9 Comments

Cupcake Wedding CakeEverybody loves cupcakes!

A recent trend in wedding cakes is the cupcake wedding cake. Instead of a fancy, expensive multi-tiered wedding cakes, many couples are opting for cupcakes arranged in the shape of a cake. This is a much more affordable alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Your guests, young and old, will enjoy the cupcakes at your reception. What’s fun is that you can get the cupcakes in a variety of flavors.

If you’d like, you can still have a smaller, separate one tier cake used to do the cake cutting ceremony.

What do you think about cupcake wedding cakes? Good idea, or just tacky?

Leave your comments here and let us know.

Photo credit: Hawaiian Weddings

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Comments (9)

  1. 1Melissa

    OOOO I like cupcakes! This is a cool idea, but I don’t know if I would have wanted that at our wedding. I like the traditional cake myself :)

  2. 2Marge

    Great idea. Everyone loves a cupcake! My sister was w;ondering what she could do for her very informal wedding and I suggested this.

  3. 3Stephanie

    I love the cup cake idea. I recently did the same thing for a child’s birthday party and it was a hit. I never thought about it for a wedding, but I’m going to run this by my fiancee to see what he thinks. Kudos for the great idea!

  4. 4Gail

    I am looking for a cupcake arrangement for 40th wedding anniversay party

  5. 5griffy

    i love the cupcake trend!

  6. 6Katie

    I am really considering this idea… since the price of flour is sky rocketing, it may be a less pricey idea. I also like how some people are opting to have a small cake at the top… I assume for them to cut or either have to save.

  7. 7Lindsay

    I am having the cupcake wedding cake at my wedding. My fiancee loves the idea. We are having a more informal wedding with lots of nontraditional elements. Also, it costs half the price, and you can make the tree and cupcakes just as pretty as a traditional cake. Plus, cupcakes mean no cutting of dozens of pieces of cake, and buying lots of silver ware! Everyone I have talked to loves the idea!

  8. 8LuAnn

    I love the idea. I am going to have this at our wedding with the smaller cake on top for us to cut. My fiance calls me cupcake as a nickname so this is perfect for us.

  9. 9Jerin

    I recently attended a beautiful wedding at a posh hotel. Everything was very elegant. Gorgeous flowers and tablesettings. And the food was wonderful. Lobster stew, beef wellington, shrimp risotto, sushi, no expense was spared. And then… cupcakes! I think cupcakes are a great idea for casual weddings and for those on a budget, but they seemed a little out of place at the wedding I attended. Perhaps if they had an exotic filling or flavoring, but these were plain old vanilla, and tasted like they were purchased at the local grocery.

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