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A Wedding Cake for Mii

Posted on January 17th, 2008 by Courtney in Wedding Cakes 4 Comments

Wired Wii CakeI was surfing the web for awesome wedding ideas, and looky looky what I found. I guess you can make any wedding an original.

Adam posted pictures of his and his bride’s Mii cake toppers (see below) stationed appropriately in front of their gorgeous ivy cake. They even made sure they had a console cake ready for Adam’s son! Way to be creative!

I’m not quite sure where they got their fantastic idea. It could have been from Martha Stewart’s Wii cake on the cover of Wired Magazine. While Martha made a console cake that stood on it’s side, she didn’t have any Miis in site, and her cake wasn’t actually edible. Such a shame.

Whether you like the console lying on it’s side, or standing up, if you’re a Wii-fanatic, this is an idea that’s perfect for you! Just be sure to make sure your Miis have smiles on their faces! It is, after all, your wedding day!

Mii Wedding Cake Toppers

(Photo credit: Adam via Flickr)

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Comments (4)

  1. 1Hunter Vaughan

    its a great topper…if you are searching for someone to custom create any type of topper visit my site

  2. 2Melissa

    Oh what a great idea! I didn’t even know people were using toppers still…lol I thought that was like an 80’s-90’s thing! :) Very cute toppers though.

  3. 3griffy


  4. 4Lynne

    That’s amazing!!! I would have to change my MII character though because I did a replica of what I looked like before I lost weight. HA HA HA!

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