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Say Yes to the Dress – Pnina Tornai Gown

Posted on January 3rd, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Say Yes to the Dress, Wedding Attire 5 Comments

Pnina Tornai GownThis past weekend, three or four back-to-back episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” were being aired. I taped them all, and I’m just now catching up!

The TLC reality show is based at one of the world’s top bridal salons – Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City. Kleinfeld boasts the largest selection of wedding dresses in the world. The show provides a behind the scenes look from the team of salespeople and managers as they deal with a variety of brides and their families.

The first time I watched the show, I really wanted to see more dresses and less talk among the people at the bridal shop. But now, I’m starting to like all of it. It’s like a mini-soap opera in the middle of a bunch of beautiful designer wedding gowns.

On the latest episode that I watched, a lot of drama was going on – particularly from Claudia, one of the bridal consultants. She never seems to sells anything. No matter how patient Mara (co-owner of Kleinfeld), Elise and Joan are with her, she doesn’t seem to get it.

This time, the management had a sit down meeting with her again. Claudia got very defensive and tried to blow it off – saying everyone has bad months from time to time. By the end of the meeting, I still don’t think Claudia understood how bad of a sales person she is. She always talks too much and never can close the deal.

Onto the brides …

The funniest moment to me in the show was when the thin bride (who was there with her twin) was going crazy about her dress one week before the wedding because she thought her butt looked big. :)

The most interesting part of the show is how many brides fly in from other parts of the country and the world just to purchase their dresses in New York City. Jade came all the way from Hong Kong, while another bride-to-be Stacey Kaaz from Kentucky provided the most interesting storyline.

Stacey was trying on a couple dresses with the help of her consultant Keasha when she spotted a beautiful Pnina Tornai gown that another customer was trying on in the shop. Stacey REALLY wanted the dress, but it was the only one in the store.

Keasha was afraid that Stacey wouldn’t wait, as the other customer had been wearing the dress for over an hour. The other bridal consultant wasn’t willing to tell her client – “Hey, get out of that dress. Someone else wants to try it on.”

So the waiting game continued, eventually Stacey was able to try on the beautiful, sparkly beaded gown. She instantly fell in love with it and “Said Yes to the Dress.” Stacey even met Pnina Tornai, the designer of the gown. The dress was gorgeous, and the most expensive one featured on this episode at $6,600.

The staff at Kleinfeld seems very hardcore about selling, but also extremely caring. They understood completely about the fashion needs of a young bride who was having a Jewish Orthodox ceremony. Her definition of “risque” was having her elbows showing! However, the most heart-warming part of the show came when Alexandra, a bride on a budget, found the perfect dress but couldn’t afford it.

Alexandra had a hardline budget of just $1,500. But when she tried on a $2,000 gown that made her cry, you knew that she just had to find a way to buy the dress. This was Claudia’s client – so I thought she’d lose the sale. But Claudia actually went directly to Mara to ask if something could be done. When Mara came out and met Alexandra, she saw how badly she wanted the dress and arranged to sell the dress to her at a discounted price.

There’s another side storyline on the show as Ronnie (co-owner of Kleinfeld) has hired a new assistant. I’m not sure what direction they are going with this … but I guess we’ll see next time.

Photo: Pnina Tornai Sheath Gown – Kleinfeld Bridal

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  1. 1Melissa

    I love this show! $6,600!!! That’s a lot of money, that was almost the cost of our entire wedding…wow…well I guess there are a lot of people who spend that much, if you got the money, why not! Claudia is funny, she is totally getting fired soon….hahaha

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  3. 3Courtney

    I missed this one somehow! I’ll have to catch it sometime–it sounds great!

  4. 4Amanda

    the twin that was all upset that her butt looked big, what dress was she wearing? i have been lloking all over for that dress please email me or reply on here

  5. 5fwboodol

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