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Say Yes to the Dress – Fitting the More Mature Bride

Posted on January 9th, 2008 by Kori Ellis in Say Yes to the Dress, Wedding Attire, Wedding Planning 5 Comments

Amalia Carrara GownI was watching another one of the taped episodes of Say Yes to the Dress last night. It was the one where Claudia returns from vacation. Have you seen it?

If not, it was a great one! You should try to catch the re-runs on TLC. I’m sure they will repeat it.

Again, Maura, Joan and Elise are frustrated with Claudia’s lack of sales … and of course, Claudia doesn’t seem to care much. However, they moved her room (each bridal consultant has an assigned room where they see clients and do fittings) to be right across from the management office. Now they can keep a close eye on her and watch her fail up close and personal. :)

The bride that was the most interesting to me on this episode was Amy, who was an older bride. I don’t know how old she was because she was a very lovely looking woman – but I’d guess she was upwards of 45. It was great to see a more mature bride getting so into her wedding planning.

Amy was Claudia’s client, and she tried on three or four gowns, two of which she liked a lot but couldn’t make a decision. Her budget was $5,000 or less. One of the dresses that she really liked was $8,100! I know that they really want to sell. But when you say your price range is $5K, they really shouldn’t pressure you into trying on a $8K dress. Anyway … that wasn’t my main point.

As the show went along, Claudia and the management encouraged Amy to go have lunch and then come back to try on the dresses again. They, of course, were hoping that she’d decide and buy that same day. When Amy returned, it was pretty chaotic as another bride was trying on one of her dresses (yes, this same thing happened in another episode … shouldn’t they get more than one dress in each style?).

Well Amy didn’t “Say Yes to the Dress.” She thought Claudia and the staff were being far too pushy. She didn’t give in to the pressure and put off her decision for another day. For this, I commend her. If you are ever out shopping for your bridal gown, don’t let the staff push you around. Amy had a point … $8,000 is a lot of money and it’s her money. If she needed more time, then that’s her prerogative.

The gowns in this show were beautiful again. Kleinfeld Bridal is obviously one of the best bridal shops in the business. The gowns they sell are absolutely fabulous. As in the last show, some of my favorites were from Pnina Tornai and Amalia Carrara.

One interesting part of this episode was that they showed downstairs at the bridal salon where all the alterations are done to make the gowns absolutely perfect for each bride. Each bead, rhinestone and pleat has to be just exactly right. Though it was brief, it was a nice new aspect of the show.

This show centered around brides that were getting married this past summer on 07-07-07. It was funny that some of them had chosen the date because of superstition or luck, while others were completely oblivious to it beeing 7-7-7 when they set their date.

Another bride that interested me on this episode of Say Yes to the Dress was Tina. She and her fiance had both been married twice before. So they were planning lucky number 3. The first gown that the consultant showed her featured a lot of color in the skirt.

I was happy when Tina nixed it and went for a more traditional white gown. Just because it’s your third time doesn’t mean you can’t wear white!

All in all, it was a good show. Claudia didn’t make any sales again and the rest of the storylines are interesting!

I’ll watch a couple more taped episodes later this week and let you know what I think!

What do you think about this show? Leave your comments and let us know.

Photo: Amalia Carrara Drop Waist A-Line Gown – Kleinfeld Bridal

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Comments (5)

  1. 1Melissa

    That Claudia is a piece of work! Haha, I love watching her not make any sales, I wouldn’t buy anything from that woman, she is WAY too pushy and sneaky I just don’t like her. Well I don’t like the way she is being portrayed anyway – but it is pretty obvious by the amount of sales she is making…0 :) Love the show!

  2. 2Stacy

    I hate loving to watch “Say Yes to the Dress”…First of all, I have to say, after seeing the show, and how pushy the sales people are, I would never shop at Kleinfeld’s if I lived in NYC or anywhere close. I also have to wonder how really “horrible” Claudia is, or is this just the story line they have decided to pursue. I actually like her and feel sorry for her because they want her to be the kind of sales person most people hate. That hag Elise? I think who is one of the bossy saleswomen is horrible…and she always accuses Claudia of not listening to the clients, then she goes and pulls a bunch of gowns they hate…I hope and assume there is more much going on behind the scenes than we see, because the way they portray Kleinfeld’s and their sales people is not very flattering…

  3. 3Eric

    I see the same problem as Stacy, from a guy’s perspective. I’m waiting for the day I find non-pushy salespeople. You know, the kind that feels like they are there to help and not to sell (although that sort of defeats the meaning of the word “salesperson”). Say Yes to the Dress would probably not be very much fun to watch without this sales war aspect though, go figure.

  4. 4steph

    Does anyone know what the dress was the two brides wanted? I’m trying to find it on kleinfelds website and I don’t see it. I had seen the same one in a magazine
    and it was mis-labled.

  5. While many brides have to cut their budget, I always suggest not making too severe a cut unless absolutely necessary. Afterall, this is a once in the lifetime event – you never get a second change. Go for it!

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