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Pre-Owned Bridal Gowns

Posted on February 1st, 2009 by Kori Ellis in Wedding Attire 4 Comments

In a tough economy, brides are looking for ways to save a buck (or hundreds of bucks) on their wedding gowns. Many are turning to thrift stores, consignment shops and other locations where you can buy gently used, pre-owned gowns.

In addition to brick and mortar stores, there are also dozens of websites where you can find pre-owned bridal gowns. Some popular destinations include:

For something a little upscale, Encore Bridal is a hot choice. They offer new sample couture gowns and pre-owned recycled couture gowns for up to 60% off.

What do you think about wearing a pre-owned dress? Is it worth the money you’ll save or do you want to stick to something brand new?

Leave your comments here and let us know.

Pictured here is a Vera Wang bridal gown, originally priced at $3,999. You can get this used gown for $1,750 at Bravo Bride.

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Comments (4)

  1. 1Peter

    another idea:

    Check to see if your mother’s dress is still around. A relative of mine simply updated her mothers and it ended up working like a charm..

  2. 2Weddings on the Strand

    We’ve responded in the past regarding pre-owned wedding gowns. NOTHING WRONG with this! A pre-owned wedding dress donated by an individual who is enjoying a successful marriage is nothing short of auspicious. Wouldn’t you agree?

  3. 3Toronto Wedding Photographers

    Another way to save some money is to find an inexpensive seamstress. We had a lady make our bridesmaid dresses and we saved hundreds of dollars.

  4. 4Frank Auer

    I wonder how much one is able to get for used gowns when selling them. For example that Vera Wang…if its now selling for $1,750 I wonder if the Bridge got $1000?

    If my wife had done this it could have helped pay for the the honeymoon! :)