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5 Gifts for a Fabulous First Anniversary

Posted on December 4th, 2007 by Courtney in Wedding Anniversaries, Wedding Traditions 1 Comment

Paper rosesSo maybe you’re approaching that first year and you’re trying to find the perfect gift. Granted, its been a whole year, and you could probably safely give your new husband or wife anything you choose, but why not go traditional?

I should probably practice what I preach, and I, in fact, did not give my husband the traditional paper gift on our first anniversary. I, however, didn’t have such an excellent resource to help me figure out what paper product I should give my honey. I thought the ‘paper anniversary’ meant I’d be stuck giving my sweetie a drawing or poem, and he’s not really into that…

But I was wrong. And so, just so you can be one step ahead of where I was after a year of wedded bliss, here are your 5 most creative paper gifts for that first anniversary:

  1. Paper roses: A gift that lasts forever is always a good one! You can make these yourself (good luck!) or you can order them. Some really nice ones I’ve seen are available at Architect’s Touch Online; check them out for yourself!
  2. Plane Tickets: If you have the money, why not take a trip for two? Nothing is as romantic as getting away from it all, and this is a great way to put a modern twist on a classic tradition.
  3. A star: I know it sounds cheesy, but really how many people have their own star? This would be a classic gift that would never be forgotten. Clearly the star isn’t made of paper, but you’ll be able to give your sweetie the certificate of ownership, and that certainly is paper!
  4. A newspaper from the day you got married: This one takes a little bit of forethought, or a lot of luck. Usually you’re so wrapped up in the events of the day that you wouldn’t think to grab a newspaper to commemorate the day. This gift will definitely go down in the books as sentimental and thoughtful.
  5. A tree: So it’s not technically paper. It could become paper. In any case, if you have a house, this is a very original way to celebrate your first anniversary, and watch your marriage grow throughout the years. Though you probably won’t be living in the same place in 50 years, you’ll always remember that tree, and how far your love and marriage has come.

(Photo credit: Curbly)

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