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Wedding Guests’ Bus Bursts Into Flames

Posted on October 24th, 2007 by Melissa in Behind The Scenes, News No Comments

Wedding guests who chartered a bus from Philadelphia to attend a wedding held in St. Louis, MO. got more than they bargained for on the road home. Shortly after they crossed over into Ohio, the bus began smoking and eventually burst into flames.

The group of 55 had traveled from Philadelphia to St. Louis with the thought of saving gas, time, emissions, and hotel stays by renting the tour bus. Everything seemed to be working as they hoped until the bus driver began smelling smoke. After realizing the smell was not from a rider trying to sneak in a cigarette, he pulled over and noticed a tire was on fire. When tires catch on fire, it is virtually impossible to extinguish them. Even after the arrival of several fire fighters, the fire could not be stopped.

All the passengers and the driver escaped unharmed but their belongings and the bus were completely destroyed.

Read the original story by KSDK5

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