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Wedding Ring Saves Man’s Life

Posted on December 3rd, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Funny, News, Wedding Rings 2 Comments

Wedding BandI know some men don’t always like to wear their wedding bands. But a man in Jackson, Mississippi proved why they always should.

Donnie Register has a big reason to be thankful he’s married right now. His wedding band deflected a bullet during a robbery and possibly saved his life.

Two men walked into Register’s antique store and asked to see a coin collection. When Register went to get the collection, one of the men pulled out a gun and demanded money. During the robbery, shots were fired and Register raised his left hand.

The police say that his wedding band deflected the bullet, probably saving his life.

“The bullet managed to go through two of his fingers without severing the bone. A part of the bullet broke off and is in his middle finger. The other part is in his neck, lodged in the muscle tissue. But it’s not life-threatening,” said his wife, Darlene Register.

I bet next time Darlene tells her husband to wear his ring, he will!

Source: Associated Press

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Comments (2)

  1. 1Melissa

    How funny! Good thing Eric wears his ring all the time. I recommend the Tungsten rings, they are so durable and they look really good too, he never has to take it off.

  2. 2Eric

    Ouch on the fingers, but I guess it’s better than a bullet in the neck!

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