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Groom’s Brother Poisons Wedding Guests

Posted on October 29th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in News 1 Comment

Siblings don’t always get along, but one Somali native decided to get back at his brother on a whole new level.

Candy Poisons Wedding GuestAmbe Abdillahi Omer, 39, attempted to kill the guests at his younger brother’s wedding celebration. Omer handed out approximately 200 poisoned candies to everyone that participated in the ceremony. He also poisoned the water jugs and eating utensils. Five guests became seriously ill while one of Omer’s own brothers and a sister died.

A local chairman, Hassan Mohamad Abdirahman, told reporters, “It’s a miracle that the bride and groom are safe!”. Omer confessed to the attempt, claiming he intended to kill as many people as possible. Omer made a point to say that he had no regrets. The reason behind the attack remains unclear.

Maybe Omer was jealous of his younger brother, but there are certainly better ways to handle it!

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  1. 1Eric

    Some people complained about under-cooked chicken at our wedding (although It wasn’t poisonous and it definitely wasn’t intentional).

    What a terrible time to go about “killing as many people as possible”. I hope they put him away for a long time.

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