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Couple Waits 27 Years for Wedding Pictures

Posted on November 6th, 2007 by Courtney in News, Wedding Anniversaries, Wedding Photography 5 Comments

Old photograph negativesYour wedding is something that you plan and plan and plan, and you’re certainly going to want to remember it forever! With all the frills you need to incorporate: your wedding dress, flowers, and a cake to name a few, those memories come at a pretty high cost. Let’s face it: even if you and your beau decide to elope, it still takes time and money to start a life together.

But what if those costs meant you’d have to wait 27 years to get your wedding pictures?

Believe it or not, Karen Cline and her husband, Mark, have had no photographs of their wedding that took place 27 years ago until just last week. Cline was busy working at a diner in Mansfield, Ohio, when Jim Wagner, the couple’s wedding photographer, now 80, surprised her with a wedding album.

Wagner said he’d been cleaning when he found the album. After running into Cline’s stepfather, he was able to track down the bride and give her the ultimate anniversary gift.

Talk about making the effort out of the goodness of your heart! Wagner said he “just thought [Cline] might like to have [the album].” He certainly didn’t expect anything in return.

When Cline saw the album, she “just stood there and cried and cried and hugged [Wagner].” Cline said that when she and her husband were married as teenagers they were devastated because they couldn’t afford to pay Wagner the $150 they owed. Instead they had to settle for one picture that a guest had taken as the bride walked down the aisle.

When Wagner finally caught up with Cline, though, she insisted on writing him a check on the spot! Clearly the couple has come a long way from their meager beginnings.

The couple celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary this past Thursday and I’m sure it was a special event, considering that one priceless gift.

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Comments (5)

  1. 1Melissa

    Awwww! Gave me the chills :) Who could imagine that he would have kept those pictures all this time. What a great man, and what a great story!

  2. 2Utah Wedding Photographer

    Those couples that don’t put a budget into their wedding for photography make me cry. Why would you not want to remember that special day. I have had the heart to put some couples on a layaway for their photography. I helps those newlyweds when they just don’t have all the cash right up front.

  3. 3Dean Moore

    What a great heartwarming story, we did something similar for my parents. They only had 1 really old picture from the wedding day, which we had enlarged and digitally touched up. After framing it was something that they’ll now hang on to forever.

  4. 4whataslacker

    While I think it is great of him to do this now, why couldn’t he have found it in his heart to do it then?

  5. 27 years is a long time to wait for photos! Imagine their surprise when they got the wedding album! It must have been an amazing moment worthy of a photograph itself!

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