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Wedding Disaster – Family Encounters Thieves In Mexico

Posted on November 5th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in News 1 Comment

Imagine taking a year and a half to plan your wedding only to have it all fall apart in the end.

Well, that’s what happened to Mark and Courtney Schaefer when they traveled to the Mexican Resort town of Tulum, 60 miles south of Cancun, to celebrate their union of marriage.

The Bride and Groom, along with 70 other guests, checked into the Eurostars Blue Resort and it wasn’t long before they began to realize something wasn’t right. Mark’s father was the first to notice that his “secure” safe had been broken into, and all of his secured belongings missing.

When the issue was brought to the attention of Hotel personnel, nothing was done to remedy the situation. The Bride’s father, Judge Thomas Culver III, was informed that charges would be brought against the wedding guests for filing false reports. Can you believe that?

25 of 36 rooms booked by the guests had been broken into, damages totaling in the neighborhood of $100,000! Mind you, none of these rooms showed any signs of forced entry, yet the resort saw no reason to investigate the incident. Mark Schaefer stated, “If it was me and my resort, I would probably lock down the entire place to prevent anyone from entering or leaving.”

Due to this incident, the Bride and Groom had to cut their honeymoon short, but they are not letting it ruin a beautiful marriage. Of course, with the bride’s father having a little “pull” with officials, the event has definitely not been forgotten. The State Department has now been notified and is actively looking into the incident.

I just couldn’t imagine putting my wedding party or my guests through such an ordeal on the most beautiful day of my life. So here’s to you, Mark & Courtney, in proving that money and material things can’t buy you love!

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  1. 1Melissa

    This is just CRAZY! Now this is a situation in which you could definitely become “BRIDEZILLA”! lol – I’m sure they are very happy and just brushed it off as a bad choice in hotels.

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