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Bride Spends 27k On Flowers, Sues Florist

Posted on October 21st, 2007 by Melissa in Funny, News 5 Comments

Can you even imagine? A bride in New York is suing her Wedding Florist because some of the flowers were not the color she requested. At issue are 22 reception table center pieces. The bride alleges she ordered rust and green colored Hydrangeas but instead received pink and green. Plus it seems the flowers were wilted, without water and in dust covered vases. The groom supposedly paid over $27,435.00 for these 22 center pieces.

For this faux pas, the happy couple is asking for $400,000.00+ in damages including mental duress and anguish. I don’t know which is worse, the fact that they are suing or that they paid $1,250.00 per arrangement. They paid $27,435.00 for Hydrangeas? Come on, anyone that goofy shouldn’t be allowed to sue. I know they live in New York but the last time I checked, Hydrangeas were not nearly as expensive as Roses or Orchids. If they paid that much for some of their flowers, what did the entire wedding cost?

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Comments (5)

  1. 1Eric

    I can only imagine what they spent on wedding favors!

  2. 2diane

    What she’s asking for in return is too outrageous! My Poulsbo florist is peeved by this woman, come on, they should have at least signed and talked things over days before the wedding.

  3. 3Eric

    That would take “common sense” which doesn’t seem too abundant in this story!

  4. 4Mercedes

    Seriously, that kind of money is outrageous! Spending $27,000 on just flowers, wow! That better have been a good wedding for that amout of money!

  5. 5Kori Ellis

    I assume they were dyeing the flowers to get them to be rust. But, I don’t understand why the bride (or moreso her coordinator, who was obviously getting paid well too) didn’t stop by the flower shop to make sure that the flowers were the right color the day before the wedding.

    Maybe she should sue her coordinator too :)

    On another note, to Melissa’s comment that Roses/Orchids are more expensive than Hydrangeas, I guess it depends on where you live. Here in San Antonio, I had Hydrangeas for my wedding and they were twice as expensive as what roses would have cost.

    They weren’t $27,435.00 though :)

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