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Heigl’s Honeymoon on Hold

Posted on January 9th, 2008 by Courtney in Celebrity Weddings, Funny 1 Comment

Honeymoon in MexicoYou’re all probably sick to death of hearing about Katherine Heigl’s wedding. (I know I’m getting close!) But it certainly seems like they’ve got some new news every week or so. Their PR people must be working overtime!

First it was the date and their plans, then it was how gorgeous the even was and what gown she was wearing (since she wouldn’t say before the big day). Well, now it’s all about her and her new husband Josh Kelley’s honeymoon.

I know! I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help posting about this!

Anyway, Extra TV reports that after Heigl and Kelley had their wintery Utah wedding she forgot her passport and he lost his ring! Talk about bad luck!

Less than 24 hours after their wedding, Kelley realized he didn’t have his wedding band anymore. (How does that happen?!) As it turns out, though, Heigl’s brother happened to find someone with a metal detector and they were able to find the band in the snow. Phew! I guess metal detectors really are a worthwhile investment.

As if that wasn’t enough, though, the morning before the newlyweds were set to leave on their honeymoon in Mexico, Kelley asked his new wife if she had her passport. All Heigl could say was “no,” and they had to return to L.A. before they could leave! Don’t worry, they still got to go, just a little later than they planned.

At least now we know those things happen to the stars too! Let this serve as a lesson to you all: keep your wedding ring close and your passport closer! Oh, and I guess it’s okay to keep your new spouse closest.

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  1. 1Melissa

    Hahaha, how funny! Lost the wedding band, good thing for metal detectors. Yeah remember the passport thing, when we got married luckily you didn’t need a passport just yet, but I accidentally put my name down in my married name, not realizing that it takes like 2 months to completely change your name! So I had to call and try and change the plane tickets and I got flagged because my license didn’t say my married name yet, but the ticket still did..big fuss, so don’t get as excited as I did to put your honeymoon reservations in your married name, it won’t be changed that fast – unless you plan your honeymoon 3 months out of course :)

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