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Best Wedding Movies

Posted on November 21st, 2007 by Amber in Funny 1 Comment

My Big Fat Greek Wedding PosterMediating cat fights between your mother and the florist, between the gay wedding planner and your fiancé (who claims it was a “manly exchange of opinions”) will tire a woman out. Sometimes you need to do something that is wedding related (and thus to-do list worthy) but doesn’t require brain, brawn, or losing chunks of hair. In that spirit, we have your movie guide for a guaranteed cat-fight free night.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Quote: “I was promised sex. Everybody said it. You’ll be a bridesmaid, you’ll get sex, you’ll be fighting ’em off. But not so much as a tongue in sight.”

British comedy at its most delightfully deadpan and Hugh Grant at his most floppy-haired. Bonus: Large men performing the Highland Fling. In skirts.

Runaway Bride

Quote: “You’re a cynical, exploitive, mean-hearted creep who wouldn’t know real love if it bit him in the armpit.”

Commitment-phobe Julia Roberts gets as far as the altar before fleeing – four times. Bonus: Joan Cusack and multiple wedding dresses.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Quote: “The only other people we know are Greeks, ’cause Greeks marry Greeks to breed more Greeks, to be loud breeding Greek eaters.”

Toula is Greek. Ian is not. Let the party begin. Bonus: You think your bridesmaid dress is bad.

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Tipsy Wedding Guests: How to Avoid Drunken Capers with Savvy and Aplomb

Posted on November 13th, 2007 by Amber in Funny, Wedding Drinks, Wedding Etiquette 2 Comments

glass of wineYou dread a scene. Especially the one where Aunt Sula tosses back three too many glasses of chardonnay and stands up to propose a toast. Only it’s less a “toast” and more a “rendition of “American Pie” that stops only after she tips face first into her slice of lemon sponge with raspberry coulis.”

Unless you don’t serve alcohol (not an option), or employ a long-suffering cousin to pluck the wine glass out of Aunt Sula’s hand all night, you’re stuck with guests who imbibe freely. Instead of bemoaning your booze-ridden fate, recruit one of your fiance’s brawny friends to play bouncer. Not so much to toss Aunt Sula out on her gold lame-bedecked hindquarters but to walk up and snatch the microphone out of her hand before she gets to the second wavering chorus.

Now that Aunt Sula is properly corralled, let’s take a look at Cousin Milton. If you know Cousin Milton will be grabbing the luscious peach chiffon derrieres of your bridesmaids, use your bachelorette party to teach evasive maneuvers. If their derrieres really are that luscious, they’ll already well-schooled in avoiding drunk men in argyle sweaters. If they’re not (Milton’s not going to notice the difference after four gin and tonics), they’re probably quite willing to subtly stomp on his wing-tipped toes. Appoint your brother official Toe Stomping Practice Dummy.

Every family has its tippler, but not to worry. Find brave souls who are willing to step in. If all contingency plans fail, tell the photographer to snap shots of the action. Because every family function needs framed talking points.

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Rihanna Upsets Family Members at Wedding

Posted on November 9th, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Funny 4 Comments

RihannaAccording to the World Entertainment News Network, 19-year-old R&B singer Rihanna upset conservative family members when she wore a revealing dress to her cousin’s wedding on October 27th.

Though the dress was stunning, apparently Rihanna wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Some guests had a clear view of Rihanna’s breasts when seated to the side of her. According the report, she was confronted by her mother and aunt, then asked to leave.

Let this be a lesson to all of you. If you are attending a wedding, don’t leave your bra and panties at home!

Photo credit:

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Lifelike Wedding Cake

Posted on October 25th, 2007 by Melissa in Anything Goes, Funny, Wedding Cakes 3 Comments

I saw this picture and was completely dumb-founded. A Wedding Cake created to look like a person – the Bride no less! Don’t get me wrong, the cake looks great and I am sure it is a close resemblance, took a lot of time and effort to create and all, but I just don’t think I can wrap my mind around eating a cake that looks like someone. It just seems creepy.

Still, if you want something truly unique and unusual at your wedding reception, this certainly fits the bill. Can you imagine all the jokes being blurted out as the Bride and Groom cut their cake? And just where would you start cutting; at her head or neck or back or where?

Let’s hope the actual cake part wasn’t something like Red Velvet cake – yuck!

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Intoxicated Bride Floods Honeymoon Suite

Posted on October 25th, 2007 by Melissa in Funny, News, Wedding Attire 2 Comments

Sounds too incredible to be true, but it is. A bride in Hoffman Estates, Ill., accidentally activated the emergency sprinkler system when she hung her wedding gown on one of the sprinkler heads. She was so inebriated she required help getting to her suite at the Hilton Garden Inn and shortly after 1:00 am, she hung her dress from the sprinkler head and set off the emergency system.

sprinkler1.jpgHer suite as well as the one next door were instantly flooded and rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors were damaged while over 184 rooms were evacuated due to the accompanying fire alarms going off. Seven weddings had been booked at the hotel for the night. The Bride and Groom fled the scene and have not been located. Well, yeah! I don’t care how drunk you are, you do not hang anything from an emergency sprinkler system sprinkler head. That’s what closets are for!

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Michael Jackson, King Of Wedding Dance?

Posted on October 24th, 2007 by Melissa in Funny, Wedding Dance 2 Comments

I just randomly found this on YouTube and it made me wonder how many people do something like this at their wedding? It doesn’t need many words to describe it, and you’ll have to get at least 1 minute 10 seconds into the video to see what I mean.

So again, how many people do something like this? The “crazy first wedding dance” videos on YouTube seem to be abundant.

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Bride Spends 27k On Flowers, Sues Florist

Posted on October 21st, 2007 by Melissa in Funny, News 5 Comments

Can you even imagine? A bride in New York is suing her Wedding Florist because some of the flowers were not the color she requested. At issue are 22 reception table center pieces. The bride alleges she ordered rust and green colored Hydrangeas but instead received pink and green. Plus it seems the flowers were wilted, without water and in dust covered vases. The groom supposedly paid over $27,435.00 for these 22 center pieces.

For this faux pas, the happy couple is asking for $400,000.00+ in damages including mental duress and anguish. I don’t know which is worse, the fact that they are suing or that they paid $1,250.00 per arrangement. They paid $27,435.00 for Hydrangeas? Come on, anyone that goofy shouldn’t be allowed to sue. I know they live in New York but the last time I checked, Hydrangeas were not nearly as expensive as Roses or Orchids. If they paid that much for some of their flowers, what did the entire wedding cost?

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Ivana Trump to Wed, Again!

Posted on October 21st, 2007 by Melissa in Celebrity Weddings, Funny, News No Comments

Who cares right? I’m not much of a celebrity watcher but the story caught my eye because her fiancé is a dancer and model. I like “Dancing with the Stars”, so I scanned the article and boy was it an eye-opener. Ivana is 58 years old and her fiancé, Rossano Rubicondi, is 35. Yikes! It gets better. The ceremony is to be held at Donald Trump’s Florida Estate Mar-a-Lago. Yes, she is getting married at the house she lived in with her first husband. Why on earth would anyone want to get hitched there? Geeze, is that materialistic or what?

And what about that age difference? I’m all for older women younger men relationships being an older woman myself. However, just what are you going to have in common with someone more than a generation younger (or older) than yourself? When she was 18, it was 1967. When he was 18, it was 1990. Or how about, when she is 70, he’ll be 47 – yuck! It reminds me of a scene from “When Harry Met Sally” with Billy Crystal. He is describing the age gap between himself and a new girlfriend: “I asked her where was she when Kennedy was shot and she said ‘Ted Kennedy was shot?” Rossano will be Ivana’s third husband, so this could either be “third time is the charm” or “three strikes and your out”.

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Superstitious? Wedding Day Photos Before The Ceremony

Posted on October 19th, 2007 by Melissa in Funny, Wedding Attire 1 Comment

The standard procedure of many photographers is to take the posed pictures of the wedding party immediately after the ceremony. It’s what I had always witnessed until my own wedding. The photographer we hired had a different approach to the matter; he asked us if we were open to the idea of doing the wedding party photos before the ceremony.

He explained that if we were willing to come in early and do this, we could enjoy our wedding ceremony and reception without any interruptions. Frankly, it had never occurred to me to do this, but I have to admit is was great!

The wedding party always arrives at the church or ceremony location early anyway, so why not utilize the extra time by getting the posed photographs taken then. I have to tell you it was wonderful! We had our ceremony, walked back up the isle, out the church doors, into the waiting limo and arrived at out reception before the guests. We set up the greeting line and it worked out perfectly.

Forget about being superstitious, this is the way to go! Trust me.

Photo courtesy of Resolusean

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Incredible 200.8 Meters Long Wedding Dress

Posted on October 19th, 2007 by Melissa in Funny, News 2 Comments

No, it’s not a joke! In the Chinese city of Guangzhou, a soon-to-be bride’s fiancé hired a local dressmaker to design and create the unique gown. The couple wanted to do something memorable and to celebrate the 2008 Olympics in China. Their nuptials are set for Monday, October 15th. The gown will be auctioned off after the ceremony with the proceeds going to charity.

Can you even imagine the amount of fabric in that Gown? 200.8 meters is about 659 feet and if you figure a 12 foot wide train, that comes to about 879 yards of fabric. Yikes! Can you imagine trying to pull that? You couldn’t! And just how would you bustle it for dancing? It has to be detachable. You couldn’t even get into the bathroom with it on. You’d need another limo just to stuff it into! Geeze, would you want a train that long on your Wedding Gown?

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