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Posted on December 1st, 2007 by Kori Ellis in Bridesmaids, Wedding Colors, Wedding Trends 11 Comments

David’s Bridal DressMost wedding experts will agree that wedding color trends for 2008 will include plenty of yellows, oranges and browns.

Though these colors may seem like fall shades, they will actually be used as wedding colors throughout the year.

Pale yellows will be popular in spring, while bright lemon yellow will be used in the summer. As the weather turns cooler, the yellows will darken to mustard, green-yellow and beige-yellow.

The trend is similar for oranges. In the spring, pastel peach will be popular with tangerine coming into play in the summertime. Many brides are choosing to use yellow and orange together in complementary hues, which is beautiful when used properly.

Brown is continuing to dominate the fashion runways in the form of dresses, suits, shoes and handbags. And the brown trend is carrying over in the world of weddings as well. Chocolate brown will be popular all year, particular when paired with a gold or pink. One of my favorite color combinations is dark chocolate brown with bright pink!

What about you? Have you chosen your wedding colors yet? Have you seen any interesting color schemes in weddings lately?

Please leave your comments here and let us know!

The brown bridesmaid’s dress pictured here is from David’s Bridal.

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Comments (11)

  1. 1Melissa

    Hmmm…I don’t know if I like the brown. I don’t think it fits my taste. But I am sure it will a lot of brides, just not for me. But I do love the “fall” colors though, I have seen some beautiful wedding pictures from weddings that have the fall colors and they are gorgeous colors for a wedding….just don’t like the brown dress hehe :)

  2. 2Attin

    Wow, Dark chocolate brown with bright pink is my favourite color. Its very beautiful.

  3. 3Courtney

    Yes. We’ve chosen our colors! I’m wearing a white wedding gown with a chocolate brown sash. The guys are wearing chocolate brown suits. My bridemaids are wearing a aqua/blue color with a chocolate brown sash. Our tables will be decorated with brown table clothes, aqua/blue napkins, and orange and pink gerber daisies. It’s an interesting color combination, but it works! Our wedding is being held at the end of the summer.

  4. 4Kori Ellis

    I know a couple brides that are using the chocolate/pink combination, but I haven’t seen chocolate/aqua (in person) yet. That sounds great! Congrats on getting married, Courtney.

  5. 5griffy

    i’m afraid I don’t think much of the orange, brown, yellow trend – hard colors for most people to wear. I like Courtney’ white dress with a chocolate sash much better. And I love pink and brown

  6. 6Kristina

    I’m completely in love with the chocolate brown and pool teal (david’s bridal) match up. My fiance and I have talked about it many times and each time we come back to that combination. I think the look is just so different compared to the normal little black dress or any other bridesmaid dress colors. And it works out well for the girls in the party also.

  7. 7yvonne

    im a very dark person(african) and will be getting married soon my favourite colour is chocolate brown and pink but because of my colouring i cannot use that can you suggest a colour.

  8. 8NJ

    Yvonne- maybe go with a deeper, more brilliant shade of pink and use a champagne color with it. This color palate leaves you open to using chocolate brown as a lesser accent- think a wide champagne or pink ribbon with a thin chocolate ribbon around a vase or bouquet stem.

  9. 9Kristy

    Does anyone have any suggestion on aqua/tangerine combination. I have seen this color on a few wedding sites and I love bright colors……

  10. 10Inky

    Dilemma: My wedding is August of this year. All of my bridesmaids are dark-skinned, and i love the orange, brown, yellow combo. Brown is too dark for them to wear, while I feel like yellow won’t flatter their figures. Orange is left, so I’m thinking I might end up using this color, but I’m unsure of how to incorporate yellow & brown into the mix. I was thinking orange/yellow-ish flowers, and possibly a brown sash– but I don’t want it to look like it’s a fall wedding (orange dresses w/ brown sashes). Can anyone help or offer any other suggestions???

  11. 11Richelle

    My wedding is in August and I love the idea of a chocolate brown wedding. I have seen black tux with brown vest and i think it looks great. My BM’s can wear brown dresses but my concern is the reception. I think too much black/brown will make the reception too dark. My dress is a champagne color, and I was thinking of applying that to the recpetion colors. Any suggestions?

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