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Should You Plan Your Wedding With Your Fiancé?

Posted on October 31st, 2007 by Melissa in Anything Goes 1 Comment

Is this a no-brainer? Everyone (even guys) have thought and dreamed about what their ideal wedding might be like. The problem is, however you imagine your wedding, your fiancé probably has a very different picture. So what should you do? You need to Discuss, Decide and Write it down.

You might not think that something like a vision could be so important. In order for a relationship to succeed and last for eternity, you must learn to communicate early. Catching a potential problem before it becomes a real problem turns out to be a critical ingredient in an everlasting marriage. Go figure, huh?

So, you two sit down and begin discussing your wedding. First thing – cost – how much, who pays, etc. If the cost factor involves relatives you will need to know how much they are willing to contribute. Once cost has been assessed, then you can talk about the ceremony – location. Where do you want to be married? In a church, City Hall, Las Vegas, where? And you both continue on until the major areas are settled – date, ceremony, reception, style, number of guests, etc. Each component of your wedding day should, ideally, be mutually agreed upon (or at least compromised upon).

The point of this tip is to communicate. If you reach a stumbling block, hash it out and compromise.
If you want your marriage to last forever, you need to learn now how to communicate, disagree and compromise with your soon to be spouse. Once you are married, you cannot think only of yourself because you are not alone anymore and every aspect of your life will greatly affect them as well.

Deciding upon the details of your wedding together will be a great test of the strength of your relationship, so enjoy it, and make it fun!

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  1. 1Melissa

    I pretty did all of the leg work for our wedding, BUT I didn’t get anything or make any plans unless I talked it over with Eric and we decided together. I enjoyed finding all the different places to have the wedding, and finding all of our vendors and such, but in the end we always made the decisions together :)

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